Posted by Gabriele & die Collies of Bellissquare on 23-9-2010 at 14:14
Hi Annet,
have a good start into the new season and catch the last sun-beams with your beloved dogs. Have fun and beware of the coming Halloween ghosts.
Happy fall - Gabriele, Abigail and Nylah
Posted by Gabriele & Collies of Bellissquare on 1-4-2010 at 10:00
Hi Annet,

since Nylah is with us, time seems to fly. She's always good for new 'ideas'. After all the sad days last year, happy moments are coming back to us. So I like to wish you HAPPY EASTER DAYS, too. All the best for your doggie team from me, Abigail and Nylah
Posted by Rita Müller on 18-3-2010 at 19:24
Hello Annet
You have wonderful ancient pictures! Do you know the Collie Revue from Eva Maria Krämer ( It's a fantastic Collie-Magazine, but in german. There are many wonderful pictures.
Big hugs from Rita and the Hollandse Herder Dandy
Posted by Christine on 9-12-2009 at 20:14
Hallo Annet, I like your beautiful homepage. I have two wonderful australian shepherd's. Their friend is a little sheltie named "Danny". See you on our guestbook. Thank you and best wishes from Giotto, Sari and Christine.
Posted by Patricia+Tequila on 9-12-2009 at 19:24
Have landed about another visitors' book with you and wanted to go not without paw impression again.
There you have been based a great HP with really romp, to happy dogs.Ich goes past certainly once more. We leave you quite dear ones greets there and say is for the next visit Bye Bye. We wish you and your family a quiet and contemplative Advent time.
LG Patricia+Tequila
Posted by Patricia+Tequila on 30-11-2009 at 19:38
Bin über ein anderes Gästebuch bei euch gelandet und wollte nicht ohne Pfotenabdruck wieder gehen.
Da habt ihr euch eine tolle HP aufgebaut mit super tollen, fröhlichen Hunden .Ich komme bestimmt mal wieder vorbei. Wir lassen euch ganz liebe grüsse da und sagen bist zum nächsten Besuch Bye Bye. Wir wünschen euch eine ruhige und besinnliche Adventszeit.
LG Patricia+Tequila
Posted by Cora on 6-10-2009 at 19:17
Lieve Annet:

I LOVE your website. It's wonderful to see the pictures of the dogs and also all the beautiful gifts that everyone has made.

Thank you for all your help with PSP and Animation Shop, and thanks for being such a good friend for so many years!!!!!
Posted by Sabine on 28-4-2009 at 16:02
Hi annet !

After several weeks things going wrong it seems it becomes better day by day and so I can have a look to your new homepage.It looks great !
I love the new photos of Emma. She becomes more beautiful every day ;-)

I´ll write you an Email very soon...I promise faithfully !!!!

Give your three girl a big hug

Sabine with Holly and Ika
Posted by Mari on 21-3-2009 at 17:54
Could i send for you one postcard`n? Its in picture is collie and sheltie, dogs are bluemerle.
Posted by Franz Merle on 9-3-2009 at 20:52
Hallo !
Ich wünsche Dir von Herzen einen schönen Start in die Neue Woche
Laß es Dir einfach richtig gut gehen.Bei uns in Argentinien sind schon die erste Regentage da, und der Herbst ist ja auch schon nicht mer weit
Viele Liebe Grüße Franz
Posted by Cora on 13-2-2009 at 18:42
Lieve Annet:

Your site looks wonderful. Emma is getting big so fast I can hardly believe it. She is so beautiful. All your girls are.

I still say that the BEST thing that ever came from eBay was our friendship.

Heel veel liefs,

Posted by Norway on 18-1-2009 at 13:59
Wish you a Happy New year !

Greetings Jorunn

Posted by Heike on 1-1-2009 at 17:52
Hi Annett,

thank you for your New Year greetings . We also wish you a Happy New Year with health, luck and that all your dreams come true.

Best wishes

Heike & Sixpack
Posted by Gabriele & the Collies of Bellissquare on 17-12-2008 at 13:15
Hallo Annet,

wir wünschen Dir frohe Festtage mit vielen schönen Stunden und alles Gute für das neue Jahr.

Merry Xmas - Gabriele
Posted by Anonymous on 17-11-2008 at 18:51
I'm Phyllis from USA-Albany, N.Y. area.
I have two Collies now, and have had a Collie
and Sheltie before. They passed away.
I just love all of the Collie picture/cards.
My Collies go to obedience school, and are
doing very well. Collies are smart!!
Thank you for this beautiful site! Good job!
Collies are special.
Posted by on 14-9-2008 at 19:05
NIce dogs ! - Puppies , Breeders, Kennels, Pictures
Posted by Gabriele on 21-2-2008 at 20:01
Hi Annet!
Your card collection has made a great developement. It's a pleasure, to see all these artful pieces. A thousand thanks for sharing some images with me. They are a fantastic addition for my Collie-Galerie and I will take good care of the pictures.
Best wishes - Gabriele, the Collies of Bellissquare & the ColGal
Posted by Sabine and Alina on 14-2-2008 at 20:45
Hi Annet !

We both want to thank you for all the good things you´ve done to us and we´re heartily glad to met you !

You can be proud to have such a great collection and much more that you own some of the cutest LONGNOSES :0))))
Love Sabine and Alina
with Holly and Ikarus
Posted by Angelina on 8-2-2008 at 06:47
Hello Annet

I've only discovered a small part of your webside, I will visite them again asap. For sure I will come back very soon.
You will find some Incrediletter of my creation

Best wishes from France
Posted by Jorunn on 19-12-2007 at 22:03
Hi Annet. WOW !! Your collie collection is great .I love them. Please help yourself if you want some cards from my collection. They are free. I hope I can put your link to my website.

Greetings Jorunn, Norway
Posted by Joyce on 12-9-2007 at 17:16
Hi Annet,
BEAUTIFUL collies!!!! I have a female Riley Rose
that is a therapy dog and a male, Ramsey in
training.thanks for sharing your beauties with
us collie lovers
Posted by Heike on 5-4-2007 at 22:20
Dear Annett,

Happy Easter to you and your family. Thank you for your consoling words because of Amy´s way over the rainbowbridge.

Lovely greetings

Heike with Tessa, Timo, Devane, Bessy and in my heart Amy
Posted by Helen on 2-4-2007 at 23:55
Hi Annet, I just looked at your site again to see if you had a certain card I just got but - of course it was there already. Your site is really lovely, I will keep looking to find you a new one. Best wishes, Helen
Posted by Cora and John on 10-2-2007 at 17:19
Hi Annet:

The website looks great but the dogs look even greater. It's so fun to watch them growing up with you.

Please hug all the animals for me and to you and Ger heel veel liefs

Posted by Anonymous on 7-2-2007 at 12:33
Dear Annet,
Thanks a lot for inviting me. Your web site has just become lovelier since I last visited. You have done a great work. Even with my poor phone connection it was easy to wander trough your site and look at all the lovely, lovely dogs. Did I tell you that you have the most beautiful bunch of collies I have ever seen? Im sure I have, but just to add that I think the newest addition to your family – the little Anna – is absolutely wonderful.
And all of them with those rich, beautiful coats. You must spend whole day making them so beautiful. One day, when I unpack all my boxes and find my family photos, will send you the pictures of my two lovely collies. They are running the heavens fields now, but i hope you will find a small spot for them on your lovely site.
Thanks for the beautiful experience.
Best wishes to you, to your husband and naturally to all the lovely dogs.
Posted by on 6-2-2007 at 23:49
I didn't know you had gotten Anna she is just adorable.Last I had heard you had gotten Misty. you site just keeps getting better and better, how you keep your babies so beautiful is beyond me I just can't see to keep mine caught up LOL never again will I have 5 dogs at once. you take care. Love Patti ( Pat Sossaman)
Posted by Heike on 5-2-2007 at 21:58
Hello Annet,

thank you for your mail. You have a wonderful website. I´ve never seen so many nice colliecards. Your dogs are very nice. I would be pleased if you´ll sign my guestbook.

Many greetings

Heike with Tessa, Timo, Devane, Bessy and Amy
Posted by Cora and John on 23-7-2006 at 10:57
Hi Annet:

Wonderful job on the web site, but I have to tell you, I still think the real collies are the best. ;0) It's nice to see pictures of them out here too. You have some verrrry nice collie cards. I'll keep looking for collie things for your collection.

I've said this many times, but heck, why not once more: The only good thing to come from eBay was finding a friend like you.


Posted by Jamie on 23-7-2006 at 10:55
I loved your website and enjoyed the pictures of your own dogs. They are beautiful!! You have a wonderful card collection as well.

God Bless,
Posted by Anonymous on 23-7-2006 at 10:54
Nice website dear Annet, you've done so well.Hope your collection will grow bigger and bigger in the coming years.Loved your dogs too.Baree is soooo cute!!Regards from a French collie lover, LAETI.
Posted by Uschi Groth on 23-7-2006 at 10:54

bin durch Deinen Eintrag in einem anderen Gästebuch hierher gelangt und habe es nicht bereut, denn ich habe Deine HP mit grossem Interesse gelesen.

Wollte nicht vorbeiziehen ohne Dir viel Gesundheit für alle 2- und 4-beiner zu wünschen.
Liebe Grüße
Uschi Groth und die Pommernhofcollies
Posted by Gabriele on 23-7-2006 at 10:53
Hello Annet!
This may be the most amazing collection of collie-postcards in the www. My congratulation!
Gabriele, the Collies of Bellissquare & the Collie-Galerie
Posted by Lia on 23-7-2006 at 10:52
Hello Annet,
You have the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen!
Lovely card collection too. I'm very well impressed with your dedication.
Will certainly come back here every now and then and I will try to find more cards for your collection.
Greetings from Portugal. Lia
Posted by azra on 23-7-2006 at 10:52
Dear Annet,
I finally managed to find some time, and I’m glad i did. Its a great website and such lovely doggies. As someone mentioned, I never imagined there were so many collie cards around. My first dog was a collie, and I still think it’s the most beautiful breed of all and the pictures of your dogs are a proof of it. Do you really have 10 dogs?? How do you manage?? How did you find time to put up a website ;) ;);). Thank you so much for inviting me to visit your website. I enjoyed it enormously. It just what I needed after a trying day.
My best wishes to you, to your husband and to your lovely dogs.
Posted by Tess on 23-7-2006 at 10:51
Hi Annet,
I loved looking through your website, you have a wonderful collection of your favourite breed of dog.
all the very best,
Tess in New Zealand. xxx
Posted by Yvonne on 23-7-2006 at 10:50
you have a very nice Homepage. Yours Collies are very nice.
I have a collie too.
His name is Wesley vom Seerosenteich. You can see him at his Homepage:
I hope you visit this HP.

God Bless
Posted by Pat Sossaman on 23-7-2006 at 10:48
Your babies are just beautiful, your collection looks super I will keep eye out for collies cards,Thank for all your emails ,Nice to have met you off ebay , guess ebay did a few good things LOL take care Love Patti
Posted by Jamie on 23-7-2006 at 10:48
What a wonderful website you have. I enjoyed the pictures of you and your dogs very much. Hope all is well and give the dogs an extra treat for me!!

God Bless,
Posted by Helen Adair Smith on 23-7-2006 at 10:47
What a lovely collection. A pleasure to see
Posted by Anonymous on 23-7-2006 at 10:46
Hello Annet...your collies are absolutely gorgeous! My son loves Beer the best. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures you sent. I wish you lived in the US so we could see them!

teresa from USA
Posted by Gabi Gerards on 23-7-2006 at 10:45
Hello Annet,

what a wonderfull website. You have done so well. Great. I wish you and you dogs happy Eastern. Gabi and her collies
Posted by Anonymous on 23-7-2006 at 10:45
Hi Annet
What a great Collie website !! Congratulations.
Kind regards from a Portuguese dog lover -- Jose
Posted by Stella on 23-7-2006 at 10:44
Hi Annet

Your babies look beautifully groomed, such noble and lovely faces, I especially like Baree on the beach and Kazan with his father.

Your vintage postcards are great too.

All the best from Stella up on the Chilterns Hills near London, England
Posted by Diane on 23-7-2006 at 10:42
Enjoy the greeting card! Wonderful dedication site! Amazing, actually!! -- Diane
Posted by LORI on 23-7-2006 at 10:41
HI ANNET! I Finally had time to check this out! FANTASTIC!! GORGEOUS Photos And Many Great Old Cards! You have some Very BEAUTIFUL Collies There!! It was GREAT to Finally See what you and Ger look like!! I had you pictured with Dark Hair! LOL LOL! You should Add a Photo of the Collie Figurines you have collected also. Would be fun to see those too. --hope all is A-OK there. BEST WISHES,
Posted by Brian on 23-7-2006 at 10:40
Wow, what so gorgeous collies. Wish I could have one.

You have done a wonderful job on the site. I will have to explore some more another day.


Posted by Calicobelle1 on 23-7-2006 at 10:40
You have a beautiful web site. I will keep an eye out for cards for you.

Posted by anita clark on 23-7-2006 at 10:39
loved your website. i never would have thought there are that many collie postcards out there. i'll let you know if i find any more cards. ps-your real dogs are soooo beautiful.
Posted by Chantal on 23-7-2006 at 10:38
Hello Annet ....nice seing another collie postcard web site , hope you find alot more cards for your lovely collection , keep in touch :)

Chantal from Quebec Canada xx
Posted by Posted by Mary McDonald on 23-7-2006 at 10:37
GREAT website. I really enjoyed seeing a picture of you as well after having our email friendship. Your dogs are very handsome and your collection is awesome. I will try and see if I have any old collie cards in my boxes of scrap books from my grandmother. I'll let you know if I find anything you might like to have. Take care and thanks for letting me know about this. My Best, Mary McD

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